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Character Creation

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Character Creation--

Attributes: 07/05/03
Abilities: 13/09/05
Disciplines: 04
Advantages: 05
Virtues: 07
Freebies: 25


*Linguistics and Academics are highly restricted for Low Clans.

*High Clans: To have Academics of higher than 1, the character must have Linguistics of, at least, 1 (Latin).

Academics higher than 1 is highly restricted for all females.


All Vampire characters will begin with 1 dot in Cainite Lore and 1 dot in their Clan Lore at no cost. Other Lores can be purchased with points and count as "Knowledges".

Merits and Flaws

The Merits and Flaws you take will have to be supported by your character background.
You will be expected to role-play the Merits and Flaws you take. Doing so may earn you rewards; not doing so may earn removal of the Merit or Flaw at your expense.
Please be sure to follow the requirements and restrictions listed in the books for each Merit and Flaw (if any).
In order to take a Merit or Flaw from one of the Player's Guide clan books or Road books, your character must be of those Clans or on that Road.
Derangements in Dark Ages: Vampire, pp 261 - 263, will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
All Merits and Flaws taken are subject to Storyteller approval.

Banned completely--

Huge Size
Outspoken Pagan Heretic
Spirit Mentor
Nine Lives
Blood Madness
Dark Fate
Light Sensitive
Weak Aura
Potent Aura
Prestigious Order [AK]
Feeding Tongue [PG:LC]
Retractable Wings [PG:LC]
Unmarred Face [PG:LC]
Foul Humors [PG:LC]
Patagia [PG:LC]
Face of the Beast [PG:LC]
Plague Bearer [PG:LC]
Enlightened [PG:LC]
Moon Mad [PG:LC]
Suicidal Beast [PG:LC]
Harmless [PG:LC]
Pretender to the Blood [PG:LC]
Former Magus [PG:LC]
Uncouth [PG:LC]
Blood Hunted [PG:LC]
Botched Presentation [PG:LC]
Former Catspaw [PG:LC]
Arcane [PG:LC/HC]
Personal Aura [PG:LC/HC]
Abomination [PG:LC]
True Vampire [PG:LC]
Uncanny [PG:LC]
Mystical Aura [PG:LC]
Soul Eater [PG:LC]
Poor Digestion [PG:HC]
Obsessive Savant [PG:HC]
Promethean Clay [PG:HC] (Tzimisce Only)
Iron Will [PG:HC]
Degenerate [PG:HC]
Former Ghoul [PG:HC]
Prestigious Rival [PG:HC]
Darksight [PG:HC]
Bound to the Earth [PG:HC]
Hand of Hades [PG:HC]
Harbinger of the Abyss [PG:HC]
Geasa [PG:HC]
Gifts of the Beast [PG:HC]
Lion-Hearted [PG:HC]
Unimpressed [PG:HC]
Destined for Greatness [R:K]
Angel Face [R:H]
Noted Confessor [R:H]
Of Embrace Foretold [R:H]
Redeemed [R:H]
Soul of Darkness [R:H]
Beast's Relfection [R:Hum]
Mark of Caine [R:Hum]
Oath of Twilight [R:Hum]


Eat Food
Smell of the Grave
Ragged Bite
Permanent Wound
Slow Healing
Flesh of the Corpse
Celestial Attunement
Common Sense
Light Sleeper
Deep Sleeper
Prey Exclusion
Religious Prohibition
Flesh Eater
Dark Secret
Infamous Sire
Cannot Embrace
Cast No Reflection
Eerie Presence
Repulsive to Animals
Sanguine Lucidity [PG:LC]
Scarred [PG:LC]
Village Idiot [PG:LC]
Scapegoat [PG:LC]
Animal Affinity [PG:LC]
Sleep Unseen [PG:LC]
Hidden Amaranth [PG:LC]
Beast in the Mirror [PG:LC]
Killed by Staking [PG:LC]
Restricted Diet [PG:LC]
False Amaranth [PG:LC]
Unblinking Vigil [PG:HC]
Bloodrot [PG:HC]
Artful Visionary [PG:HC]
Cathartic Fury [PG:HC]
Meticulous Planner [PG:HC]
Well Educated [PG:HC]
Poor Taste [PG:HC]
Enraptured by Beauty [PG:HC] (Banned for Toreador)
Atrophied Heart [PG:HC]
Unbroken Lineage [PG:HC] (Be prepared to type out Lineage IC)
Mind of the Prey [R:B]
Leader of the Pack [R:B]
Obsessed with the Hunt [R:B]
Taste of the Kill [R:B]
Onerous Vow [R:K]
Noble Bearing [R:K]


Any questions, do noy hesitate to ask.

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