Serena, former Prince.

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Serena, former Prince.

Post  Admin on Mon Apr 27, 2009 9:16 am

Little is know about this Cainite. For many years, she seemed to be the strongest Cainite in Kiev, and even so, she treated everyone fairly.

That lasted until the day the Mongols arrived, and she had to do battle with several Kindred that escorted the Horde.

Before dawn, she had accepted to step down from the position she held, and to remain in the City, so a Mongol loving Cainite could replace her.

The few that known the Salubri, have noticed she had become a shade of herself.

Some blame her, as she let her City, fall down. Some mutter her a coward, other mutter her wise. No one knows what happened in front of the Church.

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