Irghazs, The current Prince.

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Irghazs, The current Prince.

Post  Admin on Mon May 04, 2009 11:36 pm

All hail mighty Irghazs!! All hail Noble Irghazs!

Yes, the viking, perhaps? mighty...noble, according to himself, and an ambitious Beast, according to everyone else.

The Mongols think his Sire left him here, to tie him up somewhere, to avoid worrying about his ambicious Childe.

Irghazs is tall, always wears chainmail, covered by boarskin, and carries a ax, all the time.

His face, is dark, even if his hair is blonde, somewhat dirty, and whiskers are visible, if you pay a good look to his face, apparently he does not care if anyone lsees them, as he often pull on them before drinking.

Every single time a Cainite has dissapeared, the Prince has claimed every single property they had, as his divine right.

Few has defied his claim, none has survived his wrath.

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