Most relevant places--

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Most relevant places--

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The Port--

Near the River, this is where we find warehouses, some taverns, and the places where sailors live, places that can hardly qualify as "houses". It is located to the east of the center, to the south of the craftmen's alley.

Craftmen's alley--

Place where most artisans live and work. The Yaroslav Market is also located here. The market is covered, and most of the things made in Kiev can be found for sale here, as well as anything that came via the River.

The Meat Market is also here, the place where slaves are sold and bought. Normally auction is held Mondays, but if the slavemongers have a good shipment, they may auction slaves any day of the week. The activity is less than the one, right after the Invasion, but it is still fairly high, due to people that lost everything, due to the conflict, and prisoners taken by the Mongols...or the odd peasant that refuses to pay tribute to the Mongols.

"New" Perchersk--

The New Neighborhood

It is the newest part of the City, due to the fact that it was completely destroyed during the War. The place is a bleak and grey mass of little, and badly-build houses, due to the bad materials, that simply fall apart, every once in a while.

City`s Centre

The most important location in Kiev, including the Governor Palace, The Justice Palace, the Dungeons, Sofia Haiga Catedral and the town square where public executions happen.

The Noble Neighborhood

Close to the Centre, joined to it by a few squalid Gardens, and a small zone with a few stunted Trees, this is where most of the surviving local Nobles, have their ancestral Manors (somewhat uncared for) Surviving Nobles families include-

Yaroslavovich, Piotriv and Slavnich. The rest were executed, and their belongings taken by the Mongols.

Some minor Nobles remain, along with the military personnal left in the City by the Mongols. Some locals work with the Mongols, and are scorned by a good part of the populations. They live here, too.

The Churches Neighborhood--

Called so, as most Churches in Kiev are located here. Some Mongols, very few, do not scorn the local religion. Even so, most Temples are abandoned. The only two active places are-the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra academy and the Desyatinnaya Church.

Close to this neighboor, there is a zone where serfs, farmers, tanners and the like, try to eke out a living, not very happily or easly.

Cementary- It was intented to be used by Nobles only, but it was profaned, and most Pantheons and Statues stolen or destroyed. Almost no one even gets near this place, after dark.

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