Kiev: A Ruined City?

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Kiev: A Ruined City?

Post  Admin on Mon Apr 27, 2009 2:48 am

The tales speak about a terrible, bloody and vicious destruction, that overtook the City, as soon as the Mongols entered the City.

The Church was the only place that was saved from the fire, and it is told it was due to the raging combat that happened there.

Kiev, one of the most important cities then and there, was razed to the ground. Months passed before any kind of comercial activity was resumed, as it was more important to bury or burn the dead. Almost no family survived without losses, or without having lost someone to the Slavemongers.

A great many deal of people believed the Mongol Horde would not stop...but somehow they did.

Some say a beautiful blonde woman defied the barbarian leading the Horde, and after dueling with him, He decided not to destroy the whole city, and to execute every last man, woman and child.

Some say a barbarian invader pleaded with a savage that looked more like an animal, than a Mongol, and the savage decided to spare the City.
Some say that a Mongol warrior died in the attack, and that was why the stopped the attack.

Many gossip about this, but nothing is certain...except that Kiev survived, at least barely... but it became another small town, that doubled as a rallying point for Mongol troops.

The Mongols raped and killed many of the young women that hoped to become someone`s wife, someone`s mother. Many mothers lost their children and husbands...Even with the Mongol Governor that remained in the City, and his soldiers, even with the prohibition that refuses the right to bear arms to the Kiev-born, everyone knows the Mongols are hated and feared.

Only Knights and Nobles can bear arms openly in Kive, as they are wise and smart, to know what will happen if a Mongol dies.

A year has passed since the last battle and invasion. No ashes remain in the breeze, no blood splatter the street, yet the tears are there...the hate is there.

The Mongols enjoyed a great conquest and victory. The City endured the end of an era.

The Mongols still rape any women they desire, with no fear. They still humilliate the inhabitants..and are untouchable...even the Cainites do not attack openly.

Arnulf, of the gangrel, is the war leader of the Cainites allied with the Mongols. His Childe, Irghazs, was declared Prince of Kiev, being the strongest Cainite living in the City.

Serena, of the Salubri, the former Prince, accepted this, so further bloodshed could be avoided..few Cainites remained in Kiev during the War, but when the first year passed, the comercial movement recovered..not like it used to be, never like that, never again. but commerce mean humans..and humans, mean Cainites..

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